JAIVIC Power Capacitors

JAIVIA Power factor Correction Capacitors are manufactured adopting the latest techniques, by our specially trained team of Engineers and skiled workers in a well euqipped modern plant at NASIK Best available imported and indigenous material are used and production is carried out with utmost care in dust controlled air conditioned atomsphere. Experice of almost two decades in the trends in technology, has made JAIVIC Capacitors the most trusted and reliable.

Salients Features of JAIVIC Capacitors :

Self - Healing Property
M.P.P. Capacitors are of self-healing type as such eliminate possibility of permanent short circuit.



JAIVIC Capacitors are manufactured using Tri-layer, Zn-Alloy/AL, Heavy Edge, Low Loss Metallised film to provide better bonding between the electrode and end spray. Type and thockness of M.P.P. in making winding is slected in such a way that is a very low drop inn capacitance in working life of capacitors, making them the most reliable and stable capacitors.


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